Case Study: A New Name for a National Nonprofit

Names belong to a brand’s stakeholders. This couldn’t be more true for a national nonprofit program, whose success depends on the passion and talents of its volunteers. As an emblem of their mission, the program name has to have both literal and emotional significance.

Share Our Strength is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to end childhood hunger in America. They have several national programs that raise both awareness and funding to ensure every child gets the nutrition he or she needs to live an active, healthy life. One of their programs, Operation Frontline, brings together culinary and nutrition experts to lead low-income families through hands-on cooking and food shopping classes.

Originally derived from the idea of putting culinary experts “on the front line” in the campaign against hunger, the name Operation Frontline had outgrown its relevance and was perceived to lack the passion of the program’s volunteers. The name also prevented stakeholders from creating strong associations with the program.

Their new name Cooking Matters introduces the importance of making healthy meals at home and references the skills that go into food shopping and preparation. The name also retains its appeal to chefs by celebrating the importance of their contribution. Perhaps most importantly, the name serves as a rallying call for corporate sponsors who are critical to the program’s livelihood. Sam Kass, White House Assistant Chef and Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives, said of the new name: “I love it. I mean, I’ll just be honest… teaching people how to cook is one of our most powerful strategies to end hunger.”

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